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Just to update my Journal, since the last update was months ago.
Some Yuri quiz or somethin that I got from Jaja-sempai :3 (


1 ~ Do you own a cat?
Nah (I do own a pussy though) :iconimsrspervplz: *gets shot*

2 ~ On an identity scale from 1-10, Butch is 0 and Femme is 10. Where do you place yourself on the scale?
Hmmm around 2 or 3. I do have my girly moments (screw the hormones).

3 ~ Do you have a type? If so, describe.
Type of what? A lover type? Someone who's feminine, kinda tough (or even badass!) on the outside but sweet (and cuddly- I love cuddling :iconletmehugyouplz:) on the inside, and, finally, a conversationalist (I love talking about history, science and politics :heart:)

4 ~ Describe your ideal partner in three words.
decisive (wut? I'm a Libra. taking decisions is hard!), caring, understanding.

5 ~ Kristen Steward, Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Ellen Page; Fuck, Marry, Avoid or BFF.
Avoid K. Steward (she sometimes looks like a junkie to me! :iconwthplz:), fuck Ellen Page, marry Scarlett Johansson, and 'don't give a damn for' Katy Perry.

6 ~ Name an embarrassing or unusual celebrity crush.
Unusual? Hmm.. Dunno. The term 'unusual' is subjective itself...

7 ~ Describe your fantasy date.
....It fantastic.

8 ~ If a bi girl you really like was dating guys, would you be turned off?
Yes, kinda. Not completely, but still...

9 ~ Worst thing to happen to you as a consequence of a straight girl crush.
Ending up heart-broken, duh.

10 ~ Ever tried to seduce a straight girl?
Haha, yeah, but I didn't make it. Though, once I didn't even try and I made it! XD

11 ~ The cartoon characters Daria, Batwoman, Lisa Simpson and Tank Girl have materialised IRL as people. Place them in order of dateability.
Hmmm.. too bored to do that XP Batwoman's hawt tho x3

12 ~ How good is your gaydar? Has it ever put you in an awkward position before?
I give myself a 2-3 out of 10 XD Yeah, I've got the best gay-dar evah. I don't express my opinion when they ask me if I think someone's gay. I'm like 'how could I know, dude, I don't sneak into his/her bussiness'.

13 ~ Describe your first girl crush IRL.
I was like in fucking kindergarten, how to remember this? o.o

14 ~ Name your number one celebrity girl crush.
Right now my #1 is Minzy Gong from 2NE1 :iconfangirlsquealplz: CL's gorgeous, too :iconicameplz:

15 ~ If you were going to make a romantic lesbian-themed movie, starring two actresses, who would you cast?
Rachel Shelley/Jennifer Beals and Sarah Shahi :iconhurrplz:

16 ~ If you were going to make a lesbian porno, starring two actresses, who would you cast?
Sarah Shahi and Kate Moennig (not that they almost had real sex during the 3rd season of the L word! XD)

17 ~ Which member of The L Word cast, or The Real L Word cast can you most identify with, and why?
Never watched the Real L Word, but I love the L Word! Now, even though my faves are Shane, Jenny and Alice, I think I'm most compatible with Helena (:iconicameplz: dat sexy accent of hers!) and/or Bette. We all have a business-like mind, we're tough on the outside, yet kind of sensitive and we usually put on our charming facade.

18 ~ There's a zombie outbreak. Who would you choose as your partner in combat against the living dead: Batwoman, Buffy or the girl from Kick-Ass?
Buffy seems cool. :)

19 ~ Have you ever felt guilty about having feelings for women?
Guilty, no. Depress over it, hell yeah.

20 ~ What's the sexiest thing a girl could do for you?
Hmmm... nuzzle and kiss my neck :3

21 ~ You're at a girl bar. You are most likely to be found:
a) on a bar stool, staring into your drink,
b) grinding up on someone on the dancefloor,
c) flirting with a stranger,
d) arguing with your ex,
e) doing some friendly mingling or
f) staying within your own circle of friends.
Pobably on a bar stool, staring at my drink until someone approaches me, or if I have gone out with friends it's option f.

22 ~ Give your opinion on fake boobs.
I'm ok with them, actually. That has to do with the girl that owns them. If she felt insecure about her boobs, then what's my place to speak? I just prefer teh real ones :P

23 ~ Have you ever done something stupid to get a girl's attention?
Hehehe, yeeah, who hasn't (even once)?

24 ~ Name a book character that you identify strongly with.
Hermione Granger :heart:

And that was it...xP

Random statement: Happy birthday to me... I hate getting older, even though I'm still at school XP
  • Listening to: 2NE1 - I LOVE YOU (Acoustic Version)
  • Reading: ...Studying Ancient Greek and Latin for school
  • Watching: Ritsu Eating Random Receipts
  • Playing: The guitar
  • Drinking: Uhm... MILK!!!!


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Ish you still around....? 
Kanamioshi Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016
Hey!! I'm alive, yeah, just haven't used dA in ages! Wassup? :)
XXFanXofX4869XX Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2016  Student Writer

Although, the number of yuri artists has been on the rise lately......I wonder if Overwatch had anything to do with it?
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Oooh that's nice!! Idk if it has to do with Overwatch, which looks awesome btw, but as long as there's more yuri my lil gay heart is content :iconmoarplz:
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Happy birthday
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oh hey! thanks a lot, pal! :)
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happy birthday 03 

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Thanks a lot for the wishes!!! >//v//< :iconyurihugplz:
How's life yo?
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hosheet, you're alive! :iconlalalaplz:
Says she who replies to this after week :iconsowwieplz:

Been good, been good. It's a busy life, but hey, I'm livin it!
..Erm, well, sort of anyway...

How's it over thurr wichu? Everything going well? :iconnodplz:
Kanamioshi Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013
Haha, yuuuuss! Me iz alive and still struggling with studying for my uni entrance exams in May OHMYGOSHIMSOGONNAFAILIFIDONTPUTMYASSDOWNANDSTARTSTUDYINGSERIOUSLY

Everything's smooth I'd say. My parents have stopped bitching around, since my grandpa passed away last week (he was old and sick, so I accepted it as it is), so I've found some peace and quiet. Other than that, it's school that's being a boner. Ugh, waking up early isn't my thing 7 am isn't even that early, but to me it's a fokken catastrophe :iconmehplz:

:iconthinkingplz: Lately I've started to have the need of getting a girlfriend, which is pretty amazing for me, being the weird being that I am. Y'know, I believe that if you want to have a serious, real-life relationship (which is what I'd be probably looking for now) it needs lots of work from both sides, and I was wondering if I really should chase it, since it would pretty much distract me from my studies. And now that I'm thinking of it, I shouldn't XD but I can't stand being horny and emotionally missing something all the time either.

:iconyuiplz: You with anyone now, mate?
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